20 August 2011

Let's Get It Started Already!

Things are falling into place! I finished my first commissioned piece, a woodland animals mobile. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures. Yes, scatterbrained me forgot. Took me less than 2 weeks and I was 80% happy with the end result. It was for a friend's friend and I heard she loved it. What a great feeling to know that something you made with your own two hands can put a smile on someone's face.
Next, I got a PO box. I was really excited about that. Then I ordered a customized stamp, for stamping the packages. I'm nervous it's going to look ugly. I didn't spend a lot of time or effort in it so we'll just see how that turns out.
Now what I've been working on for the past two days, my business cards!! Just put my order in today, and I am loving the design!! I only ordered 250 so when I get my actual website up the old cards would be gone and I'll get to make new ones.
Right now I'm working on baby things. There are friends that are expecting boys in the next month so I'm making hats, warm slippers and maybe a blankie. Can't wait for someone to have a girl! Hopefully that will be me soon. Cross your fingers!!

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