17 January 2012

Happy New Year!

A little late, yes I know. I rarely ever make new years resolutions, partly because I know I will not keep up. But since this is the new year, I'll make making new years resolution my number 1 resolution. Here's my list:

1) Make some New Year's resolutions
2) Blog more
3) Make my business one of my top priorities.
To go with this one, there are sub-categories
a) Network!
b) Crochet!! Or just come up with more ideas of what to crochet
c) Take more pictures
d) Get off my lazy a$$!
4) Exercise more, 3-4 times a week. No excuses!
5) Be a better me

I think the hardest one is exercising more, haven't really gone to the gym for a month due to me not to have the right shoes. My shoes were a half size too small and made everything hurt. Thanks to being pregnant my shoe collection has to be replaced. Good, right? Not really, I'm very picky about the way shoes look on my feet. Just wonder if your feet get bigger with every pregnancy...
Number 5 should be on everyone's list. Taking time to re-evaluate yourself is a good thing in my book. One thing I've been focusing on eliminating is my yelling. I'm a yeller and I absolutely hate it. I've noticed my mom and sister do it, is it an Asian thing? Why can't we have normal banter like civilized families? I'm cringing at just the thought of my sister screeching while we are on the phone. Really, every time we talk. I refuse to call her now.
I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year's!!


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