12 February 2013

What's New

Hello, there! First post of the year, better late than never, right? No resolutions this time.  I hate not fulfilling them so I'm just going to stick to a mental checklist.  A very simple checklist, nothing too complicated.  Like, make sure the dishes are washed every night so we wake up to a clean kitchen. I know that sounds a little simple but with 11 people in this house, there is always someone eating! 
Another to do is a to don't.  I need to keep my hands away from my face! I'm a picker, always have been.  I have dark spots on my face from constant picking.  I really want to be able to be able to just walk out of the house without a face full of makeup or just to wear a bb cream or tinted moisturizer.  I've been keeping my hands busy and using a fading cream on my spots.  I'm currently using Porcelana that I purchased from Walgreens.  I've heard reviews and they've all been positive.  Crossing my fingers that it does work for me.  Of course, I'll put up a proper review after a few months.


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